Sunday, June 29, 2014

A short ride up to Maa Hateshwari temple, Draura-Dhar, Sunder Nagar


One, it was a Sunday and second a cloudy sky in the summer season, both made it quite welcoming to take up a short motorcycle ride along a mountain road to reach for the Hateshwari Temple.
Mata Hateshwari idols, Hateshwari Mata temple, Draudadhar, Sunder Nagar.

As I am writing this post at 7:00 PM, this is raining, but at about 12:00 PM, when we started for Draura-Dhar, it was only cloudy, no rain. Riding Hero Honda CBZ is a very recent experience for me.

Sunder Nagar to Draura Dhar temple - Hateshwari temple

 Mr. Vinod, my neighbour at Salah, Sunder Nagar showed full confidence in me to sit on back seat while I take the control of the steering. A first time is generally filled with excitement, and though it was my 3rd-4th time with this bike CBZ, but the excitement was still not quenched. 

The road from Sunder Nagar bus stand to Hateshwari Temple at Draura-Dhar is  6 km pakka(surfaced) single lane plus at least 1 km surfaced road, but latter only with 2.5 m width. Draura-Dhar, as the name suggests is a name of the hill, where on the top this beautiful temple is situated.

You have to take a left turn from Chatrokhri Chowk and then a further left towards Mahamaya Temple. After crossing Mahamaya, the path is accompanied by the pine trees and oak trees jungle, totally refreshing!


 Take a right turn from the next diversion, left one goes to Maloh and right one goes to banwar. Take another right turn at next diversion, a single about 2.5 m wide track shall lead you to the Hateshwari Maa temple at Draura-Dhar.

We observed that the road was recently re-surfaced with the bituminous concrete. The temple gate welcomes you to a temple which I think among the other temples has most beautiful location in the Sunder Nagar. From top while looking over the valley to the Sunder Nagar town, you may feel to be standing somewhere a place, that might suit best to act as beacons in the ancient times.

Hateshwari Temple:

Maa Hateshwari temple at Draura-Dhar, Sunder Nagar (H.P.)

The temple architecture was a little different than the other temples of Sunder Nagar, but similar to Sheetla Devi Temple. After the concrete plinth, heights were mostly covered with glass, but I don't know which one was built first.
When I say similar architecture, the main similarity is the design of the inverted flower petaled roofs, Vinod brought the prasad(generally fruits offered by priest). 

Hateshwari Maa Darbar at Draura-Dhar temple, Sunder Nagar
We sat on the floor and greeted the mata sevak. He seemed to be acquainted with my friend Vinod. They asked each other's well being, while I clicked onto the Mata's idol. Room's walls and beam surfaces were painted and over them were written a number of Sanskrit Mantras and the famous couplets of the Saint Kabir.

Idol of Maa Hateshwari at Draura-Dhar Temple, Sunder Nagar 

The temple building has used the concept of green buildings, the walls were provided with glass openings in all the 4 faces, thus reducing the cost of construction and providing free day light.
 There was a solar panel at entrance of the temple, thus increasing the feel good factor.

A free meal (Bhandara):

Next good thing waiting us was a Bhandara(A free meal), which was a delightful experience. This free meal(Bhandara) was available on every Sunday and Tuesday.
Mr. Vinod Sharma at Hateshwari Maa at Draura-Dhar temple, Sunder Nagar
According to the Mata Sevak(Helper to Priest), people who come to temple had been offering enough money to fulfill the cost of the Bhandaras and other construction and maintenance work of the temple. He claimed that our previous Chief Minister Sh. Prem Kumar Dhumal and his son Mr. Anurag Thakur visit this temple often, but secretly to avoid the public congestion.

Bhandara at every Sunday and Tuesday at Mata Hateshwari temple at Draura-Dhar, Sunder Nagar

The reason been told for such a following is that people get their prayers fulfilled. These people gift enough to operate and expand the temple. When we visit such places, our faith in some divine, supernatural powers also gets boosted up, because one can not avoid to do so, when we can see those powers at work, and when I say 'see',  I mean that literally!
Standing against the left fa├žade of Mata Hateshwari temple at Draura-Dhar, Sunder Nagar
Being a busy day, temple priest did not take any prashna(any inquiry to the deity), so I was not able to see this supernatural power under work.

Thank you for your kind visit, please visit again!


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