Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A visit to Maa Murari Devi Temple at Sunder Nagar

This was a motor-cycle ride from Sunder Nagar to a temple on the top of the mountains around the Sunder Nagar town known as, "Murari Devi Temple", dated 24th May, 2013. On the way, I asked few people for the way and they helped me with it. 

A Road to Murari Devi, through Kapahi, Leda (Sunder Nagar, HP)
No matter how many times you visit this place, you still love to go one more time. Here are few clicks of the short one day trip with explanations. 

This photograph was taken on the way to Murari Devi Temple. A kachha road on jungle, me and my motorcycles were only ones at the time this was clicked.This was a beautiful journey with the divine nature in the summer time so, the road was covered with the fallen leafs of the pine trees and shadows of the living ones.

Here is the sequence of places that you will come across on this road:
i)Sunder Nagar  ii) Kapahi  iii)Leda and after Leda you will observe few other small villages and road is totally Kachha road but, people are more than happy to help you. I reached here after asking the people whomever I met on the way. 

My HP 29A, 2968 in front rest house which you can hire if you want to stay at Murari Devi, Sunder Nagar(Summer, 2013)
This photo is of the rest house adjacent to entrance of the Murari Devi temple and can be hired on rent. That is my motor cycle standing at  the entrance of the rest house. If you want to stay here for night then first you have to book the rooms  at  the DFO office at Sunder Nagar. 
There are 3 to 4 rooms available. 
Stairs up from main Gate of the Murari Devi Temple, Sunder Nagar, HP

These are the stairs constructed for better reaching experience. 
Statue of Murari Devi, Sunder Nagar, Himachal Pradesh
This is a close view of the Statue of Murari Devi inside the temple. It is believed that the temple was constructed by the Pandvas of the "Mahabharta" at the time of their Agyatvas.
Side view Murari Devi Temple, Sunder Nagar,HP 

he photo above is a side view of the temple which, I clicked while circling around the temple. 

I am alone but, thanks to my camera. On the way back from Murari Devi Temple, Sunder Nagar, HP
That is me resting for a click on the way back from the temple. Dried pine leaves are not easy to control, I tried to dump them down but still few popped in front of the camera lens.

Jai Murari Devi,
Thanks for your kind visit!

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