Sunday, April 6, 2014

Bhuntar to Sunder Nagar through Kataula- Part 1(A visit to Adi Brahma Temple at Khokhan- Bhuntar)

Hi, How you doing? I am very much excited to write the story of a short and beautiful trip. Mr. Tarun Goel and me has planned this trip a week ahead and on 05-04-2014 at 2:10 PM we left Sunder Nagar on his Thunderbird(Motor-cycle). Plan was to visit a numbers of temples at Bhuntar and on the way back from Bhuntar to Sunder Nagar via Kataula.

Sky was cloudy and on the way from Mandi to Pandoh it sprinkled few raindrops but we didn't stop. At Pandoh we stopped on road-side to click on PWD rest house Pandoh from NH-21 and then we stopped only at Bhuntar.
PWD Rest House Pandoh, On the way Mandi to Bhuntar (05-04-2014)
Our next stop was at Bhuntar where, we waited for Gajju Sir to come back from his office because, he had the arrangements for our night stay.
Beas at Bhuntar clicked on 05-04-2014
After a nice and lovely night stay with our dear Gajju Sir, we started our next day journey with our first visit to Khokhan village where this old wooden temple of Adi Brahma is located. When we are told about a Brahma temple the question arises, who and why did anybody build this Brahma temple because, in Vedic mythology Brahma is regarded as non-worship-able.
That is me standing in front of Adi Brahma Temple on 06-04-2014
Here are another views of Adi Brahma Temple at Khokhan in Bhuntar:
Front view of Adi Brahma Temple at Khokhan at Bhuntar (on 06-04-2014)
Inside views:
Wooden architecture on the walls of Adi Brahma Temple at Khokhan (Bhuntar, Kullu) - 06-04-2014

A close view of Adi Brahma Temple at Khokhan, Bhuntar, Kullu (Clicked on 06-04-2014)

Door to the Brahma at Adi Brahma Temple at Khokhan, Bhuntar, Kullu (06-04-2014)
The door shown in the picture above is hiding the statue of the Brahma and according to the Pujari(priest), door is opened only at the morning and evening hours of Aarti(worship hours).
When we inquired about the reason behind the worship of the Brahma, nobody gave us any good reason. They told that this temple is very old and they were following their ancestors.

A modern wooden architectured Veer-Nath Temple on the adjacent mountain of Khokhan, Bhuntar, Kullu (06-04-2014)
The picture below is clicked from the Veer-Nath temple which is situated on a little higher altitude than Adi Brahma Temple of Khokhan, Bhuntar, Kullu on a adjacent mountain ridge.
Picture contains the view of the Bhuntar Airport also.
A bird's eye view of Bhuntar Air-port from Veer-Nath temple at Khokhan Village, Bhuntar, Kullu (06-04-2014).
Well the next part of this story will contain the story of the other hours of the day i.e. 06-04-2014. 
Thanks for your kind visit!