Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Bhuntar to Sunder Nagar via Kataula - part 2 (A visit to Kundakari Narayan Temple, Shayari, Mandi(H.P.)

Hi, this post is continuation as a part 2 of  "Bhuntar to Sunder Nagar via Kataula" whose part 1 takes you to the Adi Brahma Temple at Khokhan, Buntar at Kullu.

Our, me and Mr. Tarun Goel('s  next destination was the diversion from NH-21 to a Bajaura -Mandi Road which took us to a single lane road connecting Kullu with Mandi district. Diversion is near to the bus stop at the Bajaura just at a distance of about 10- 15 m towards Kullu towards left of the NH-21.
A typical hilly village (Sheetla Temple on the Bajaura-Mandi Road), Mandi (H.P.) (Clicked on 06-04-2014)

  • Kundakari Narayan Temple at Shayari (Mandi, H.P.)

On the way to Tihri we saw scenic beauty of the mountains loaded with Kail trees which look similar to Deodar trees and a numbers of villages at different spots which has their own beauty with their tilted roofs.
We read a sign board informing us about Kundakari Narayan temple at a distance of about 2 km.
A view of the adjacent mountain of the Shayari Village, Mandi, H.P. -clicked on 06-04-2014
 The distance was only 2 km but it was a Kachha road which could only be occupied by a Jeep at single time.
A side view of Shayari village, Mandi (H.P.) - clicked on 06-04-2014

Our thunder-bird(Bullet) seemed wider than the steep uphill way itself but somehow I maintained the courage to drive it to the end of the road reaching at Shayari(village name). We tried to enter through the back of Kundakari Narayan temple.
Back view of Kundakari Narayan Temple at Shayari, Mandi, H.P. (clicked on 06-04-2014)
I jumped to the reddish pink floor from the mountainous field and asked the lady standing if she was priest of the temple. She was daughter of the priest so, I asked her the reason behind the name of the deity of the temple.
Front Varandah of the Kundakari Narayan Temple, Shayari, Mandi(H.P.) - clicked on 06-04-2014
She was not sure but she said that the deity lord of the temple might have performed a numbers of havans for Narayan in Havan Kundas so, he got the name Kundakari Narayan.
Wooden carvings on the walls of the Kundakari Narayan Temple, Shayari village, Mandi (H.P.) - clicked on 06-04-2014

On the way back I refused to ride it down so, I video-graphed our way back down and you can watch the video on the Youtube with the link given above.

This was around 1:00 PM and we were on our way to next destination i.e. Adi Purkha Brahma temple at Tehri Uttarsal which will be covered in the next part of this series.
To read about the Adi Brahma Temple at Khokhan, Bhuntar, H.P please read here the part 1 of this series.

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