Thursday, April 10, 2014

A visit to Adi Purakha Brahma Temple, Tihri, Uttarsal, Mandi(H.P.)

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This is the third part of  the story of "Bhuntar to Sunder Nagar via Kataula" trip. In the second post the story of our visit to Kundakari Narayan Temple at Shayari village in Mandi District of Himachal Pradesh was covered.

First view of the Adi Purakha Brahma temple at Tihri Uttarsal, Mandi(H.P.) - clicked on 06-04-2014

After an adventurous descend from the Shayari village we started on the Bajaura -Mandi road and we reached at Tihri(Uttarsal) at around 2:00PM. We were told by a side walker that the Dev(Adi Purkha Brahma) has gone for a lunch meal to the nearby village so, we were going to visit the temple only.

Along a kachha road it was a total four kilometers of journey from the main road up to the top where temple was situated at Tihri. A group of boys sitting on the parapet boundary of the old temple welcomed us and conversed about the temple.

Front view of the old temple of Adi Purkha Brahma at Tihri, Uttarsal - clicked on 06-04-2014
They didn't know much about the temple either, however they told us about the old and new temple. Old temple was the one on the top and the new one was constructed at a 5 m sloped downward distance next to old one.

They told us that lord stays at the new temple and goes to the old temple only when someone comes with a purpose. Purpose of sitting at the old temple is to listen to the special queries and prayers of the people.
New Brahma temple built below the Adi Purkha Brahma temple at Tihri, Uttarsal, Mandi(H.P.) - clicked on 06-04-2014
Wooden temple walls are carved with different designs and there are four masks of a man(Brahma) hung on each wall. 
The new temple looks fresh and has a different opening/entrance than the usual entrances to the temples.

Stairs leading to the entrance on the roof of the New Adi Purkha Brahma temple at Tihri, Uttarsal, Mandi(H.P.) - clicked on 06-04-2014
There is a back view of the mountain of Parashar Rishi where the famous Parashara lake is situated. Mountain top was still containing the traces of the snow.

A view of the adjacent mountains from the varandah of New Adi Purkha Brahma temple at Tihri, Uttarsal, Mandi(H.P.)- clicked on 06-04-2014
I think this spot was a perfect one for the person who want to meditate in peace away from the noise and worldly matters provided, the basic needs are fulfilled.

There are basic facilities of water, current and transportation to the temple but for more than that one has to reach to the nearby places such as Mandi and Kullu. 
Our next stop was a road side Dhaba at Kataula where, we took our lunch meal and then next at our houses at Sunder Nagar.

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