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Temples of Sunder Nagar, H.P.


How have you been? I have been living in Sunder Nagar since last three years, and I don't know exactly till when I shall live at this place. In this small beautiful town, I have met many people and made them friends. At some incidences, I met many people from near and far both, who inquired and plan about to visit the interesting places in Sunder Nagar, the beautiful town of Himachal Pradesh.
Mahadev Temple, Sunder Nagar, H.P.

This post includes the photos and short descriptions of the temples in Sunder Nagar, which either are having some historical significance or relatively offer high service to the public or which are occupied by visitors in their opening hours of the temple, and or are trekker's delight to reach at. 

Mahadev temple :

This temple looks quite old, which can be judged from its built and carvings on its stone walls. Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva also known as Maha-Deva. Temple can be reached from Dhanotu Chowk at a distance of about half an kilometer distance. 

Lakshmi-Narayan Temple, Colony, Sunder Nagar, H.P.

  • Lakshmi-Narayan Temple: 

This temple is located near to the colony ground, in BBMB colony, Sunder Nagar, H.P. At the time of this clickTemple was under further construction, but already contains sarayas and many other small temples inside, dedicated to various Hindu Gods.
Murari Mata Temple, Murari Devi, Sunder Nagar, H.P.

Reaching this temple has two options, one is best for trekkers and bikers and another is best for simply religious minded. For trekkers, you can take the road via Pungh which will take you to the footsteps of about 1 km vertical trek to reach the temple. For bikers, take the rough pine jungle road via Kapahi and Leda. Another can hire a jeep to reach the temple, for a detailed story of my visit, visit through this link: Murari Devi.

  • Mahamaya temple: 

Mahamaya temple is one of the beautiful most temple located at a beautiful location in Sunder Nagar. One can reach the temple via Chatrokhri Chowk only at a distance of about 3 km from Chowk itself.
    Mahamaya Temple, Sunder Nagar, H.P.

  • Hateshwari Devi temple at Draura-Dhar: 

This temple has a beautiful road to reach at, one can go on bike as the best option. I have written a detailed post on Hateshwari Maa temple of Draura-Dhar so please visit it here.
Hateshwari Maa Temple at Draura-Dhar, Sunder Nagar, H.P.

  • Shri Sheetla Mata Temple:  

This temple is located at just a distance of about 4 kms from Sunder Nagar. While headed towards Mandi from Sunder Nagar, take a left turn from about 15 m distance from control gates at Sunder Nagar lake. 
Front view of Shri Sheetla Mata temple, Bhaun, Sunder Nagar, Mandi, H.P.
Follow the sign boards erected, and you will reach this temple. Temple has relatively larger land area and serves various ritualistic purposes such as marriages and havans. Temple gives a beautiful view Dhanotu to Sunder Nagar lake. Temple is accompanied by Shri Swami Swantantra-aanand Ashram(cottage) Dharmartha Pratishthaan and Shri Vishwanath Dhaam. 

Jangam Baag: 

 Jangam baag as the name suggests, looks like a real baag and is at a distance of about 1 km from BBMB colony Chowk. A informatory board mentions this place as the place of meditation of our ancient Rishis. It is believed that the temple was constructed by King Shyam Sen in between 1620- 1650 AD.
Jangam Baag, near BBMB colony, Sunder Nagar, Mandi, H.P.
The reason for the construction of the Jangam Baag is also mentioned on the boards. Once a Yogi cursed the King for some wrong deed, so king constructed this temple and it worked to get him out of the curse. 
Left side view of Jangam Baag, 500m from BBMB colony, Sunder Nagar, Mandi, H.P.
Like the Jagannath Rath Yatra of Puri(Orissa), here also, in around the month of June, a Rath Yatra of Jagannath is celebrated, every year.

Gopal Mandir:  

Gopal Mandir is surrounded by other house buildings, located in between the NH-21 and the inner road of Bhojpur market, Sunder Nagar. It is almost impossible to click on to the whole temple, so I am posting only this photo of the Gopal(Krishana) idol situated inside the temple.  
Gopal Mandir, Bhojpur, Sunder Nagar, Mandi, H.P.
Relatively being situated at the nearest reach from the NH-21, this temple in Sunder Nagar has the potential of carrying out the maximum number of various functions such as havans, and marriages.

Thanks for your kind visit, please visit again!

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