Sunday, June 25, 2017

Visiting Dev Pashakot temple Tikkan(Chauhar Ghati)


Last time, when I went to the chauhar Ghati, was in April of 2016. That time we climbed the mountain rail track(haulage way) from Jodinder Nagar to Barot via Winch Camp

This track is the only one of its kind in the whole world. Then we walked fourteen kilometers along the road from Barot to Badagram. The stay at Badagram and camping at Rajgunda was done respectively on the second and third night of this trip. On the last day of the trip we trekked from Rajgundha to Bir-Biling-the world paragliding station, where one of us glided in the air. 

Check the links given above for all of these past stories.  Today, I am going to share with you the story of my visit of Dev Pashakot temple in Tikkan. Dev Pashakot is known as the PAHADI WAZIR (mountain minister), who does the justice. Dev Hurang Narayan and Ghaddoni Narayan are the other famous Devta of the valley.

Dark green mountains visible from road to Tikkan, Chauhar Ghati, Himachal Pradesh, 2017

Reaching Pashakot Temple

I started from my home, and reached Joginder Nagar where you meet the national highway from Mandi to Pathankot. Go 14 kilometers towards Mandi and then take a left turn from Ghatasni to reach Tikkan. 

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The road is single lane but metaled, and surrounded by the pine trees all along. You first cross the Uhl river at Tikkan itself. 

Bridge on river Uhl at Tikkan, Chauhar Valley, Mandi, Himachal Pradesh, 2017

At Tikkan ask locals for the location of the temple, you can go by feet to reach the temple at 2 kilometers distance, or you can opt for the road diversion and then walk down from the road along the half kilometer of concrete footsteps. 

This temple is not the main temple, you have to trek further up along the hill to reach the main temple. But let's keep that one for another day. 

Reached just outside the temple of Dev Pashakot, Tikkan, Chauhar Valley, Himachal Pradesh, 2017

Temple is at the bank of the uhl river which contains the transparent water. Being at depression, you can not look at the peaks, but can sight the villages on the slopes of mountains at an elevation angle of more than 60 degrees. 

Temple was closed, no priest or anyone, except two other visitors who came after me. We talked a little bit, our faces peeked from between the gate bars to get the closed look inside the temple, but it was dark in there, and nothing much was visible. 

Temple walls mostly made with woods were adorned with other things like red flags, garlands and the goat and sheep's horns. Watch the video for visual experience of temple's outer appearances.

The serenity of the place is addictive, you can feel it in the video itself. 

Taking a Dip in Uhl's divine water.

Just a few metres away is the crystal clear water of the Uhl river, which can be muddy in the rainy season, but today Sun was shining bright and water was totally inviting. 

First I thought not to go inside it, but then I couldn't resist and all alone, I practiced a little swimming after a years of gap.

The water was cold, but I enjoyed it. Early, I get tired by swimming, but the river was shallow and I would easily touch the river bed 3 feet below the water surface. 

I tried to shoot the video of myself swimming with my cellphone, but couldn't. However I captured the beauty of the river in my handycam

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