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(Manimahesh Yatra 2016) part -3. Bharmour to Hadsar and Dhancho

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In this three parts personal story of the Manimahesh yatra 2016, the last two parts covered our story of our night halt at Chamba Jot and then the holy bath at the Bharmani Devi temple of Bharmour. Being young and full of energy, four of us decided to climb at-least half of the Manimahesh trek on the same day. Bharmani Devi temple trek couldn't make us tired.

Back Bharmani Devi temple to Bharmour

The last statement was testified when I saw Shankar walking down the Bharmani trek like a tyre of a bicycle. This path was paved and different from the one that we took while climbing. It was the common path, and therefore we could see more people climbing and descending in a number which we can see on a noon in the market street of Hamirpur town on monday or Tuesday.

 Along the trek to Bharmour from Bharmani Devi, Chamba, Manimahesh yatra 2016.

Soon we crossed two villages, and frequently saw small children with baskets of apples on either side of the path. Some offered "Dus ke teen"(three apples for INR 10)  and some "Dus ke chaar"(four apples for INR 10). Though apples were not ripened, still it was a big bargain for people who come from plains, because they will get four apples for about INR 100 at plains.

When we crossed these wooden, stone and concrete houses, our path ended near to the helipad, from where the helicopters take off to the helipad at the Parvati Kund, which is about 1 kilometer down from Manimahesh lake. This year price of the flight was near to INR 2000/- while last year in 2015 it was higher than INR 2500/-.

Chaurasi Temple of Bharmour

Just few meters below the helipad is the complex of the Chaurasi temples of Bharmour. We entered through a concrete gate and witnessed a huge gathering. It looked like small fair, and soon we would read a banner with "Jatar Mela 2016."  Someone was selling the ornaments while other offered the tattoo service. Some people were lined up behind the gate of the main temple at the center while others were seated at its back, watching a traditional dance of Chamba.

Jatar Mela 2016, Chaurasi Temple, Bharmour, Chamba

Behind the dancers were the musicians playing their traditional instruments so rhythmically and smoothly such that no Hard Rock Cafe or a MTV musician could match the calmness and purity of the aura that was created there. Though the dancers were not dressed in the traditional dresses, which indicated that they were not the professionals, but still their steps matched with each other.

Instead of lining up behind that big line in front of the main temple, we sat at the back of the temple, and watched this live dancing and music show. Sun was about to hide behind the mountain ridge, and we could have sit there, and watched the dance for whole of the evening, but then we could get another day behind from reaching the Manimahesh lake.

Chaurasi Temple, Jatar Mela 2016, Chamba, Manimahesh yatra 2016.

 We walked one kilometer back to the car, and then ran towards Hadsar. Hadsar is at a distance of 12 kilometers from Bharmour and along this lengthy stretch we could see the vehicles parked on the available corners along both sides of the road. Ravi flows parallely only few hundred meters down the road.

Some advised us not to go to Hadsar, else we would not find the parking space, but they didn't know our plan to climb the half trek on the same night.

Hadsar to Dhancho - Night stay.

We reached Hadsar when it got completely dark. Parking space was available only after we went about one kilometer further from the main gate of the trek, for which we crossed two steel bridges, one on a rivulet called 'Dhancho Khad' whose origin is the Manimahesh lake itself, and the last one on the river Ravi itself. We took our bags, filled with nothing but few warm clothes, and with the torch in the hand, we walked back towards the main gate.

We ate the food at the langar service near to the main gate, and then walked towards the gate. We already had seen a number of young and beautiful lady police that day, and yet another one asked us to drop our bags for checking at the main gate. It was the drugs and alcohol that they were checking for. On the wall of the gate was pasted a notice with picture of a person from Bihar who had got lost somewhere along the Kugti pass four days earlier.

Crossing the Kugti pass is work of at least four to five days, and should not be risked alone by newbies. It connects Chamba with the Lahaul Spiti region of the Himachal Pradesh which is on the other side of the Pir Panjal range. It can be foolishness to go on this trek without experience. Four of us were enough experienced to tackle the steepness of the Manimahesh trek.

When we reached Dunali at three to four kilometers along the Manimahesh trek, we started asking for the sleeping facility. It already was midnight, but we were not afraid as we were sure to find the space for the night stay at Dhancho. Thankfully just at the end of the Dunali, while other shops had closed, we found a shop open which offered the space for INR 100. We were tired and as per the watch time, another date had started. We slept there with no conscience at all.

Note: No photos could be clicked, because it was already dark when we reached Hadsar and Dunali. But few were clicked while coming back, which I shall share in the part 4 of this Manimahesh Yatra 2016.


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