Thursday, June 20, 2013

3 hours Motor cycle Ride from Sunder Nagar to Shimla.

Hi, Here is a report of my ride on my motor-cycle. This was about a 3 hours ride from Sunder Nagar to Shimla, dated 08-06-2013.
In summers, the temperature in the Sunder Nagar is quite higher than this beautiful hill station.
I used my new bought Sony Experia GO to click on at few places.
Here are few clicks of the beauty on the way:

My Ride from Sunder Nagar to Simla (08-06-2013)

A view of Ridge Simla (08-06-2013)

Adjacent to Ridge Simla (08-06-2013)

Me in front of Saint Michael's Cathedral, Shimla (08-06-2013)

Church, Ridge, Shimla (08-06-2013)
They spent whole night below the stars (clicked from my hotel room at Shimla, on 08-06-2013)