Monday, July 15, 2013

Joginder Nagar to Mandi


If you expected this to be another motorcycle ride then it is not. Because of the monsoon, this time I had to take a bus, and the newly excavated road to my village was damaged due to many landslides. I put here one picture of my village for you and others are taken on the way. Then you can watch the beautiful farms of the Hara-baag(Green Garden) a place near to Joginder Nagar.
This is where the journey started- Banon
Have a look at the road blocked due to the heavy rainfalls poured down by the monsoon of 2014.
Clicked along East directionm showing the houses on the ridge of the mountain in front.
Second picture is taken eastwards, containing the view of Banon in front and a clouded background.

The third one is clicked from the bus window on the Machhyal bridge to this famous holy place named Machhyal located at a distance of 8km from Joginder Nagar. It is famous for the lake containing the fishes which are worshiped and therefore fishing is prohibited. People come here to feed the fishes with some flour or other eatable.
Machhyal park at the verge of the Neri Khad

Fourth picture is clicked again by me from the bus window to the beautiful fields of the Hara-baag.


As the weather was quite dull, and moreover the bus journey made it quite a job to reach Mandi, so I didn't click many pictures. 

Thank you!