Wednesday, August 21, 2013

9 Famous Explorers from India

Here are the names of the famous Indian Explorers who explored the world and showed it to others in their own way.

  • Sarat Chandra Das(born 1849- 1917) - Most noted for his two journeys to Tibet in 1879 and 1881-82

  •  Mandeep Singh Soin (Born 9 March 1957) - Fellow of Royal Geographical Society, UK; An adventure traveler and Eco-tourism expert, Founder President of Eco-tourism Society of India.
  •  Suresh Biswas (Born 1851, Nathpur, Bengal, British India - 22 Sept. 1905, Brazil)-  Famous 19th century adventurer from India - First Indian to migrate to Brazil and retired from a rank of Colonel at same.
  • Nain Singh Rawat (1830-1895) - Explored the Himalayas for British; Mapped a route through Nepal to Tibet,  Located and found the Altitude of Lhasa for first time. Worked in Great Trigonometrical Survey.

  • Krishana Singh Rawat  (Cousin of Nain Singh Rawat) :  Followed the Northern trade route from Lhasa, Xinjiang and China up to Dunhuang. On way back explored the eastern Tibetan border region. 

  • Charu Sharma - power woman( born March 24, 1992) - Explorer, Athlete, Performer & Writer. Expeditions to all 7 continents, 5 national awards and a chapter in 11th class in the English Textbook.

  • Joydeep Sircar( born 1947) - Mountain traveler and historian ; published - Himalayan handbook in 1979.

  • Mani Singh Rawat(Elder Cousin of Nain Singh Rawat) - worked for the exploration of the Central Asia.
  • Bimal Mukherji (1903- 1996 Bengali) - First Indian to travel the world on bi-cycle from 1926 to     37.

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