Saturday, February 15, 2014

Ride for GATE 2014 -Sunder Nagar to Una and Back

I love to travel but not on buses, they makes me feel somewhat confined. They have their own timings and have their fixed stoppage. As my own, I have a 100 cc motor-cycle TVS Sort star, which I bought in June 2010.

After taking it to Shimla(2 times) , Hamirpur( 2 times), Palampur, Manali(2 times) this time the GATE 2014 became the reason to reach Una on my little motor-cycle. I visited Una on the way many times, through bus travel to other places so, I was not familiar with the routes or anything other.
Clicked myself with Kandraur bridge

My center for the examination was at KC Group of Institutes as indicated in my admit card issued about one and half month before the scheduled date i.e. 2nd Feb 2014.
KC Group of Institutions
Una-Hoshiarpur Road
Near Excise Barrier, VPO - Pandoga
Himachal Pradesh - 177207
I searched for the given address on Google map and got a route map for my short travel from Sunder Nagar. I was not familiar with these places but map gave me an assurance. I waited for the examination day and kept my preparation running on daily basis. 

I had a nervous mind state as described my earlier post on my other blog which you can still read here but, I was excited to reach this new place. 
Around 1:00 PM I picked up my motor-cycle and fueled it, full throttled. I estimated that ride was going to be around 4 km, so I packed myself with all the winter cloths around me and most important gloves around my hands.

Kandraur bridge- Highest of its kind in Asia
Once I am on it, I don't like to stop until I reach my final destination. Ghaghas was the end of my route along NH-21, from there I entered towards Ghumarvi. After clicking Kandraur Bridge, I stopped at a hill side restaurant for my lunch and asked one Sardar Ji for the further way.
He advised me, not to go to Jahu or Bhota, "Take the way through 'Shah-talai', this is the shortest route to reach Una. My home is at the place where you are going so, trust me.".

So, after fueling up my body, I went along the suggested path. If I remember it right, the road diverged from Ghumarvin, one to Jahu-Bhota and another which I took towards Shah-talai. 
The road was not wide enough, single lane roads always have little risks attached to them if the traffic is high.
Traffic was not high so I was not delayed and I reached Una at 5:00 PM. The only spot where I put my heels down was "Govind Sagar view point", a widened outside edge of the hill road which, has a beautiful view of Govind Sagar lake stretched in front.
Govind Sagar lake as seen from Govind Sagar view point.
I clicked few photo-graphs after 5 minutes, I was again on the road. When I was on the roads at the Una-market I saw the banners of a hotel.
A single room was offered for INR 800, which sounded a little high to me. I asked him about the facilities in the room which, was replied with another question, "what do you want?". I realized what he meant which was totally un-expected for me. 

I asked my question in a different question, "Do you have TV and internet facilities in the room?".  Internet was not there and neither I needed it that much but, question was asked only to clear up his mind. I put my bag in the room no. 303 and got out to take a evening view of the Una. I went along the road towards the Shah-talai. I reached at the rail crossing and turned back.

Then I turned my feet back, I relaxed against the parapet wall along the road for a while,  I signed into the Facebook and joyously thanked Amit Khurana(My batch mate from NIT Hamripur), and Ashish Sharma(My student from SIRDA), for wishing me good luck for my examination.
Evening view of Una - Feb 1, 2014

Next morning was foggy and ride on the motor-cycle to my final destination "Pandoga village" was a little uncomfortable. Hotel manager gave me the directions to reach the center of examination, "Take a right turn from Laal(Read) Batti Chowk, then carry on for 3 km along the road, then take a left turn along the Hoshiarpur road and after riding about 7 to 8 km you will reach KC institute.". 

On the way I got company of an uncle who was going to the same place so, I reached the spot about 45 minutes earlier i.e. 8:15 AM.
There were arrangements for the parking and a sitting arrangement was displayed at a distance of 8 m from the entrance GATE. One person(most probably faculty member of the institute) was standing in front of the display to help the aspirants to find their venue. 
Test started at sharp 9:00 AM, everything was online, I carried non-programmable calculator with me. 3 hours went flying and in no time, screen showed me end of the examination. I attempted about 60 marks and I am waiting for the results.
On the way back I again took the same route and withing four hours I was at Sunder Nagar.
This was again one of the memorable rides for me. I wrote this post just to remind myself of these days in my future.