Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Trekking from Baggi to Prashar Lake and Camping - part 2

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Waking up early in the morning is hell of a task for most, but it can be fun when you have camped at a beautiful place like Prashar Lake. It was quite dark when I woke up, went up to a public toilet which stood on the northern ridge of the depression- away from the temple and the sarayas. 

Everything was silent, waiting for the morning to arrive. I had my toothbrush and paste, did all the necessary morning stuff with the ice cold water and came back to put the things back. The sky was filled with clouds, so the sun would not appear soon. 

Soon we all were up, because there could not be anything diviner than to take a morning hike on the surrounding ridges and have a blissful view of lake and the surrounding mountain ranges and depressions. 

Not taking much time with all that stuff, soon were went up on the ridges to have a far view of the lake and the surrounding mountain ridges and peaks. We didn't have the compass or a map, so it was hard to locate the exact directions of the mountain ranges. I tried to interpret the directions and places-one mountain ridge went down almost south east, perhaps to meet Pandoh, this prediction was based on the Google map and my knowledge of place. Other went almost north and another toward south west. It’s all my judgement, so please check it for you. Carry a compass or map with yourself to have better understanding of the topology of the place.

There is a trek from Parashar Lake to Tunga Maata temple, which lies on the ridge that I located towards north. I still have not covered that trek, so please do your research before going on that trek. Mountain peaks could easily be spotted towards the northern direction. Slowly the clouds disappeared and till the time of Sun-rise enough space was available for the Sun to show up itself. We clicked some beautiful pictures the lake, and ourselves.

Sun Rise at Parashar Lake
Bird's eye view of Parashar Lake.
Shades - courtesy of Sarang. (Parashar Lake in back)
All of us reached the peak of the ridge-line which gives a bird's eye view of the lake and temple. Clicked more photos from there, and then I walked on the ridge going towards the south east, perhaps towards the Pandoh. Spent few time alone there, with two horses at four five meters distance. 

I tried to meditate myself as on the top of the mountains, inhaled the most divine air and tried to capture the beauty of the place with impression on my mind. Vipul had also reached the spot on the same ridge nearer to lake, and I think he was trying to do the same. Sun rose slowly, sometimes with a feeble light and sometimes with a bright light, when clouds did not hinder the way of light. After about half an hour, we descended back.

We packed our tents and bags, returned the blankets that we hired for twenty rupees each from the owners at the sarays and reached the dhaba for having the break-fast of biscuits and tea. Our plan was to take the bigger lunch meal at the small restaurant at Bhambla near to Jahu. 

In the late morning, Shimpu the cab driver drove us down along a single lane road, which was surrounded with the Deodar trees at first two three kilometers and then it opens us to have far views of the mountains and peaks. At Baghi we passed the starting point of our trekking that we did last last day. Everyone looked towards that stream, for the last time till another trip to this dense trek that goes from Baghi to Parashar Lake. 

Everyone might have felt the proudness to have hiked that steep jungle path; the happiness would last for lifetime. A smile from deep inside our hearts must have erupted that would last till our last breath, when we would become the particles of the soil, trees and air, once again. 

Thank You!

The Starting point of trek at Baghi (Baghi to Parashar trek)
Whole group - on way back from Parashar to Baghi via road.