Sunday, November 10, 2013

Attempt to Reach Shikari Devi, Mandi(H.P.)

Hi, How you doing?

I don't know whom to blame, those beautiful mountains or that shining Sun who had already completed its day on this part of world, ready to hide behind them, and this was only 1:00 PM. My hands were feeling as cold as a mosquito bite, and they had no option other than to hold accelerator and clutch of my little motor-cycle.
BSL(Beas Sutlej Link) Canal, on the way to Baggi, Sunder Nagar, Mandi (H.P.) 

Un-warned of such a cold they were not covered with the proper protection from the cold of this valley, I had underestimated the heights and cold of these mountains which are only at a distance of about 50 km from Sunder Nagar. I read this on a Facebook post by a friend that at Simla snow fall has occured, but no body among my Facebook friends had posted about this another beautiful region of the Himachal Pradesh.
A road side wooden gate at the start of Chail Chowk, Sunder Nagar, Mandi(H.P.)
I crossed Chail Chowk and was stopped by a lady standing at Ganesh Chowk(Ganei Chowk) who wanted to have a lift up to Shala, and offered this bad news about the snow-fall of about 3 to 4 feet on those mountains of the home of beloved Shikari Devi.
I let her sit behind and inquired a little more and didn't believe her much because she herself never reached Shikari Devi. She talked about another path to Shikari Devi, which went through her village, but I was not going through that, so finally when the diversion to her village met, I left her there, and moved myself on the road to Janjheli.

Mountainous field at Naun- on the way to Janjheli, Mandi(H.P.)
 I crossed Naun and two other small stations(as I remember they were Salahar and Khasri) and then something happened at Kandha, which made me stop.
Kandha has a road diversion to reach Pandoh from this Chail-Chowk to Janjheli Road, Mandi(H.P.)

Front tyre had lost its muscular body and had turned itself into a shape of banana leaf.
Bagsyad has a branch of State Co-Op-Bank Ltd.
Riding on the first gear  for 5 km for 5 minutes, I finally reached at Bagsyar. He was already working on another motor-cycle which also got punctured near to
Kandha, and the boy was sad to spent about INR 290 on another tyre tube. It took about 1 hour and finally my motor-cycle was ready to turn back from Bagsyar. Mechanic told me that heavy snowfall had blocked the way, so there was no further hope and I have to wait for another winter to pass on.
Back to Sunder Nagar via BSL(Beas Sutlej Link) Canal from Bagsyad, Chail-Chowk, Baggi(Mandi, H.P.)
This was a sad Story! I don't know what you expected, I just shared, but I want to tell you one thing, while I am writing this blog post on the evening of this whole event, at Sunder Nagar, in my rented room, my mind is busy in planning a future successful visit to Shikari Devi, and I hope it will prepare a successful plan very soon to share with you.

thank you for your kind visit!