Sunday, February 1, 2015

Visiting Kangra Temple (Brajeshwari Temple)


I hope you doing good. The story continues from our the last visit to the  Masroor Rock cut temple and Maharana Pratap Sagar (Pong Dam). We reached Kangra in the midst of twilight.
 Our night stay in a hotel's room adjacent to the footpath from the Kangra market to the Brajeshwari temple was quite simple, two beds, one TV set in the room and geyser for hot water in the bathroom, they sufficed the services that we needed.

Although, it was irritating to step outside the bed and quilt in the cold night, and to find out the medication store for some kind of skin allergy, but Deepak seemed to be serious with his complaining about it.
Only after gulping down the tablets, which we luckily found from the Govt. hospital nearby at around  a kilometer of cycle distance, he felt at ease, and then we slept well. While writing this post, I myself being a little sick, will cover up the story up to the visit of the Kangra temple only.  I will post about the Kangra museum and Kangra Fort in the subsequent posts.

Brajeshwari Temple

First it was some ringtone of his mobile, which failed to wake me up, and then came a bigger sound in between around 5:30 AM to 6:00 AM, which again failed to make me step out of the bed, but made me conscious and I listened to it, lovingly!
This was the sound of the temple's ringing bells and beats of the drums, creating a meditative trance. I felt fortunate to have rented the room close to the temple, else I would not have been listening to the this morning prayer(Aarti) devoted to Goddess Brajeshwari, shrined at the historical Kangra temple.

Any person, surely would forget any kind of pain or misery after listening to that meditative music of the bells and drums every morning. This felt very nice and momentarily filled me with a new enthusiasm, but not enough to make me step out of the bed, it was very cold outside!
Brajeshwari Temple, Kangra, Himachal Pradesh

Though we expected the fog, luckily when we reached the temple at 9:00 AM, there was sunshine reaching few spots of the temple building and abandoning others, due to the shadows of the temple, a big tree in close vicinity to the temple building, and those of a series of smaller temples devoted to numbers of Hindu Gods, all forming a rectangular wall like formation around the main temple and tree at the centre. Please note, our camera battery got exhausted after very few clicks, so I have to post here photos taken through the cell phone camera.
Brajeshwari temple - Kangra Temple, Himachal Pradesh

A large space in between that rectangular formation and main temple was enough for accumulating around five hundreds of devotees at single time. Temple walls on one side were shining more white due to the morning Sun-shine over it.

Garbhagriha- Sanctum, Brajeshwari temple - Kangra Temple, Himachal Pradesh

We were offered Halwa, which they might been preparing every morning after the morning prayers, was delicious, so I ate it gladly, and then after visiting the main shrine, we stepped back to the hotel room. We abandoned it within few minutes, had our break-fast meal and rode towards the next destinations, the Kangra museum and historical Kangra fort. Till next post..  bye!

Thank you, please come visit again!