Saturday, January 2, 2016

Happy New Year to Travellers and wanderers!


It's been a very lovely journey here so far, sharing my stories with you. Just to take a rewind in flight mode, let me brief out the trips that I made this year and posted about in here. In January month I visited the Taal, and nearby old fort in Hamirpur, also I visited the Kangra Fort and Kangra Temple, aka Brajeshwari temple.

In February 2015, came the Shivratri and I went to the Maha-shakti Peetha - Jwala ji and Chintapurni. In June I wrote about my trip to Palampur and Mcleodganj, from where I went up to Triund dhar. Trek to Triund was a silent hike, with no one beside me except nature.

Sareolsar Lake, Jalori Pass, Kullu.  

In the same month I went to Banjar Valley in Kullu, also the Parvati Valley. In Banjar valley I visited the Shringa Rishi Temple, Chehni Kothi, Sareolsar lake. In the Parvati Valley, Manikaran was already covered previously, so we went on a trek to reach the Kheer-Ganga top.

Visiting Kheer-Ganga was a treat, and a dream come true, though visiting Sareolsar was ice on the cake. I have written about all these places in my blog here. In around month of July I visited the Gasota Mahadev in Hamirpur and also the Narvdeshwar temple, at Sujanpur. Visiting the Sujanpur Tihra fort was again a treat to me.
Kareri Lake, Oct 2015

Visiting Kareri lake, and camping at the bank of Niund Nalah(Creek) was a very lovely experience. It was the first camping of my life, for which I must thank my friend Krishan Verma, who provided his own tents and sleeping bags.

Again on 24-25th October I visited Parashar(Prashar) lake in Mandi. We went through a two-three hour trek around nine kilometers steep ascent. Along with me were my batchmates from college. This time I had my own tent and sleeping bag, which I had bought earlier in the same month from Decathlon Noida. We camped on the lakeside at Parashar and that is an unforgettable event for me.

Kutub (Qutub) Minar, Delhi, 2015

Visit to Delhi was a three day event, where Surjeet-my friend and batchmate from graduation, offered me the stay. It was a lovely trip, I visited Qutub and Hauj-Khas. At the end of October it got cold in here, so visiting the mountains seemed risky for me, and also I felt a money crisis and therefore, since then there are no new visits.  If you want me to visit any specific place in Himachal Pradesh, and want me to write about that, please leave a suggestion though the comment box, or through the Facebook page link that I have provided on the side of this page. This year, I anticipate a number of new travels. Stay tuned!

Thank you!!