Monday, October 14, 2013

An Evening on My Bike at Sunder Nagar- Keran road.

Keran is a small village near to Sunder Nagar, Himachal Pradesh. This post is a result of an evening on my Bike on this beautiful single lane road from Sunder Nagar to Keran. This was Dussehera time so, I clicked pictures of the statues of evils which were ready to be burnt at the night.
Statues of evil ready to be burnt on the eve of Dussehera 2013 at BBMB Colony Ground at Sunder Nagar, Himachal Pradesh

"where are you Sir?" I called up Mr. Tarun, my one batch Senior at NIT Hamirpur and presently my colleague and new found friend at JNGEC Sunder Nagar,. " I am at college, where are you?" he asked.
"I am in Sunder Nagar" ( I was on the bank of Sunder Nagar Lake, with my motor cycle standing next to me.). I want to go for a Geri(local word for stroll or short ride) on my bike, suggest me the best nearest place please?". He is from the Sunder Nagar, and so I thought that he will know some place which I have not hunted down yet.
 I have visited all the local temples like Shitala Temple, Hateshwari Temple, Murari Devi, Mahamaya temple  and Drauradhar temple, because I have this freaking tendency to go to the places which symbolizes the peace and beauty even alone on my motor cycle if no one is along. All these temples are placed at beautiful nature spots of Sunder Nagar.

A road entering the mountain of Keran Road,
Sunder Nagar 2013
Last rays of Sun on mountains on the way
to Keran, Sunder Nagar 2013
" well ummm...." he was about to tell something, " You were saying about a road which goes up from the BBMB colony to some place.." I added. " okk ok.. It is Keran, go there it has a beautiful road to reach.". He told me the way to go to Keran, and instantly I was on the NH-21 and then I took the way to BBMB colony and finally I was on a singular road. This was beautifully constructed on a beautiful mountain which was filled with green trees and other shrubs.
Mountains were shining in golden color with the last rays of the Sun of this Sunday. I enjoyed the nature filled with the greenery all over. You can get a view of the Chambi village. I think it was a maximum of 2 Kilometers ride(Sorry I forgot to calculate the exact distance) from Sunder Nagar. Road after climbing this beautiful adventurous short stretch ended up. I kicked on the bike stand and asked the man who was about to enter his home, "Is this Keran?"
A view of Keran Village of Sunder Nagar (2013)
"Yes this is, come and sit and have a cup of tea" he invited me to have a cup of tea. I was impressed and felt welcomed but, I was in hurry to go back so. I only asked him few questions about the trek to the other side of the moutain and came back.
I inquired him about the trek which goes up from the village to the top of the mountain and then descends to other side to reach at the famous caves near to the Chatrokhari, Sunder Nagar. According to him, once the grass is cut this is safe to walk on the trek.
It was Mr. Tarun's plan to go on a trekking on this short route so, he has asked me to inquire about the trek.

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