Friday, January 2, 2015

A Flashback into 2014 - Refuelling for 2015

This is good to get a 'happy new year' wish from the friends, to which I always reply with a 'thank you, and same to you'. Even if someone wishes it to me along with my whole family and relatives or even the entire world, not only happy new year, moreover healthy, peaceful, joyful and what not!, my reply would again be the same, because its short and effective when accompanied with a smiley at the end.

We wish it to almost each of our beloved friends and known, but in the mean time, only few people really do the planning for making it a happy new year. If you ask me, I have no vivid plans for making 2015, a happy new year. What about you? If not, it sounds good to be on the same side!

Well, if you have planned something, then help me out to plan something for me. Let's have a flashback into the last year.I along with some friends did visit few beautiful places in Himachal Pradesh. It was a new fun and learning experience.
Riding bike on the serpentine and steeply graded roads of Kullu and Mandi districts was a thrilling experience. Up till July 2014, I was with JNGEC Sunder Nagar, working as Lecturer, but it was never a headache to get the time for blogging and those short trips.

Thankfully, weather used to be always supportive, but even that was not a criteria to decide whether we go or not. I and Mr. Tarun Goel once rode his Thunderbird(Motorcycle) from Shikari Devi to Sunder Nagar, while the sky was pouring like river. Pardon me for exaggeration, but it was heavy and thick enough to make the road ahead almost invisible. Thanks to Tarun though, somehow road was visible to him.

We reached safely at Sunder Nagar that day, and the sleep that I got at the night was marvelous. At the end of each trip, this was more fun to write the stories of them into my travel blog. After joining M.Tech. course at NIT Hamirpur, it became little cumbersome though, but I do it whenever the mood and passion compels me to do so.
When I look into the archives of my blog, the first post I wrote was on 15th Feb, 2014 titled Ride for GATE 2014- Sunder Nagar to Una and Back. It was a successful ride, because qualifying GATE and visiting Una on bike, both were first time experiences.

It was followed by 24 more number of posts, each containing a story of visit to some nearby beautiful spot , within Himachal Pradesh itself. I think, it would be nice to go through the archives of my blog, provided you love to read about beautiful places. I do it, to refuel myself, it fills me with ecstasy and passion.. It motivates me, satisfies me of what I am doing. Year 2015 is going to be a busy year to do more of such trips, but surely, I am going to do my best.

 I have the plans to visit Maa Chintpurni Temple at Una in next few days, and then few other places in Kangra. I have a pending post, wherein I shall post the story of my visit to Kangra Fort, Museum and the Vajreshwari or Kangra temple. Though, it takes a lot of effort to do so, but it is helpful in the long run. What are your plans? Wanna share?

Thank You!